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T1 Payments Describes ‘Debbie Test’ to Pymnts.com

T1 Payments CEO Donald Kasdon was recently featured on pymnts.com, in which he described how he used his mother, Debbie, as a litmus test for the company taking on new merchants.

If Debbie and her friends want it, buy it, try it and love it, that’s good enough for Kasdon. Not only does the Debbie Test show him which products and services people actually want to buy, but it can also help ferret out the places in which customers may be overlooking fine print that could come back to bite them — and the processor.

To learn more about the “Debbie Test” and how T1 Payments weeds out sketchy merchants, read the full article here: How the ‘Debbie Test’ can Flag Sketchy Merchants

Does your business pass the Debbie Test?

If you are considered a high risk vendor and in the need of further information concerning a credit card processing server, please contact us with any of your questions. 

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